Ruby Keller

Peter Worswick is regarded as one of the most collectable artists in the UK.

The award winning artist has exhibited throughout the UK, including Kensington Palace in London. His work is also held in private collections worldwide.

Peter has always maintained a fresh approach to his painting by experimenting with new styles and techniques.

In 2010, he decided to show some of his work under the name of Ruby Keller. With ‘Image Design’ acting as a sole agent for all the Ruby Keller paintings, they proved to be an instant success and they are now increasingly sought after as Peter works hard to keep up with demand. All the animals in Peter's work has a real ‘living’ look. Be it the inquisitive hare, the chewing cattle or the bright eyed ram, the chaotic style really captures a sense of fun and playful intrigue both of the subject and for the viewer.

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Ruby Keller
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