Tom Morgan

Tom Morgan has lived in Carlisle all his life and has had a love of art from an early age. Toms says:

“My Granddad was influential in the style of my Artwork. I was six years old when he started taking me to the Lakes. From then on, almost every Saturday of my childhood was spent walking in the fells, come rain or shine, he especially loved the Caldbeck Fells. My early memories of these remote Fells weren’t great, I found the landscape unwelcoming and bleak. More recently, I’ve begun to understand why he loved these secluded Fells more than the honey pot sites dotted around the Lake District”.

His background in Engineering and Design working as a draughtsman means he has a technical eye and visits to Glasgow, where he would regularly stay with my aunts during summer holidays, found him taking in many Charles Rennie Mackintosh buildings, including Scotland Street School, Willow Tearooms and House for an Art Lover. The visits had a real impact, and he found myself inspired to sketch buildings and work with perspective.

As well as the hills, Tom also loves the old streets of Carlisle and the timeless character of our nearby villages. Tom Says:

“I’ll often try to combine the two, using buildings to add scale and bring landscape paintings to life. Although, I rarely include figures, even though I enjoy painting and sketching people. I deliberately sketch and paint quickly, using bold lines. I avoid bright colours and tend to use earth tones in a variety of media to create quite moody and isolated landscapes.”

It is easy to see that his style is influenced by great Northern artists such as Sheila Fell, Norman Cornish and Percy Kelly. Like them Tom’s style sees him exaggerating or warping perspective and shifting or adding features like houses or drystone walls to make the painting work.

We are really excited to be working with Tom and displaying his work for sale in the gallery. Browse and buy Tom's work below.

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